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Active Directory Self Service Password Reset

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Active Directory updation has become a routine task for helpdesk professionals of an organization. With the increase in strength of the users in an organization the burden of AD account modification considerably increases which makes admin staffs invest ample of time doing that. Statistics reveals that IT support personnel handle password reset calls for almost 40% of their working day which involves queries related to account unlock, password reset, account setting updation etc. Also, users raising numerous queries per day have to wait for prolonged period to make their queries attended. As users waste their vital period in waiting for the response from the help desk team the overall productivity is reduced.

On the other hand, self service password reset system enables the users to reset Active Directory passwords by themselves only without asking the helpdesk professionals. A research made on this concludes that a company with 1000 users and average password reset activity can save about $20 000 per year.


The Active Directory self service software not only benefits the admin or end users it also benefits the organization. It reduces the cost associated with the calls and tickets raised by the end-users to update the account settings. As it allows users updating their accounts by themselves, a significant amount of time as well as cost is saved. With the added advantage of SSL support the software ensures complete security to the confidential user data and protects them from any sort of network thefts. As it allows performing self-updation by the users, overall productivity of the organization is improved as the end-users utilize their maximum potential in business work. The facility of GUI rebranding adds option to customize the image as per choice.

The self-service software allows bulk enrolment of users. For this, one can us a CSV file in the proper format, provided by the software. This makes the bulk enrolment quicker and easier. Also, in this software, users can authenticate themselves by a Question & Answer session and/or by a multifactor authentication through OTP. Settings for this is configured by the administrator.

Role of Active Directory Password Reset software

The Active Directory Self Service Password Reset software is secure and web-based tool that brings the facility to the end-users to work on the Active Directory on their own without asking help of admin personnel. By enabling users in self-updating their accounts the software saves the big amount of time the employees invest in waiting for the updation process. As employees can regularly update their information the overall Active Directory database always keeps updated. Apart from the end-users' perspective, the software is also beneficial for administrators to automate self service password reset and account unlock operations. Thus, the admin can save a significant amount of time while accomplishing other vital tasks within the same time using the same resources. As the software is web-based it allows admin manage employees account information and passwords anywhere in the domain.

Features of Lepide Active Directory Self Service benefitting organizations:
  • Reset password/unlock account directly from the locked (ATL+CTRL+DEL) screen.
  • Delegate coworkers to perform self-service activities on user's behalf.
  • Self-update Active Directory information
  • Multifactor Authentication medium to validate account either through Security Question and Answer and OTP or through both options as set by the administrator
  • Reset third party account passwords of Google Apps, IBM AS400 and Office 365 through password synchronization.
  • SSL security available for secure self-service activities
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The Active Directory Password Reset tool is available in its free trial version. It can be downloaded and used for account resetting purpose. The free trial version has the same features and functionalities and lets 50 users only perform self-password reset, self-account unlock, and self-information update operations. For benefiting more than 50 users, full version has to be purchased.

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Key Features
  • Provides option to users to perform self-update of their accounts without asking the helpdesk personnel
  • Enables users to unlock the accounts from any remote computer through web-browser
  • Mandates secure authentication of users through Q&As, and/or OTP as set by the administrator
  • Helps in keeping the Active Directory updated with the latest information
  • Allows users to authorize their co-workers to reset password or unlock any locked account from any remote place
  • Facilitates admin to configure settings for automatically unlocking all locked accounts
  • Enables the admin to set strong password reset and account unlock policies
  • Can use a pre-formatted CSV file for the bulk enrolment of many users at a time.
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