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Active Directory Self-Service Password Reset

Basically the term “Self Service Password Reset” is defined as a programmed process that allows end users who have forgotten their password or dealing with intruder lockout problem continuously. It facilitates users to be able to reset their problems (password/unlock account) without calling to admin/help desk.

Technology is supposed to make our life easier and by introducing Self Service Password Reset Management Software not only admins even end users also can take its benefits by avoiding traditional process like:

- raise tickets / tokens
- call help-desk and wait longer

We have also followed these modern authentication steps like:

- CAPTCHA filling to prove I am not robot
- enter pin/code to reset password which is sent to their mail or mobile

Typically when a user forgets their password they follow one of above steps to get over from it or simply log Password reset call to IT help desk which can be an overpriced headache for any organization. It’s necessary (or required) to change password for applications periodically and users can be lost or forgotten and then they wait, follow unnecessary steps, or at the end, call IT help-desk.

Self Service Password Reset

Lepide Active Directory Self Service Password Reset Solution has capabilities to overcome these problems and make easier way to reset password quickly and easily and thus reduces help desk call volume; it having policy management and reporting capabilities to ensure the security, you can generate customized reports accordingly. An effective, affordable and easy to use software to reset their password or unlock their account. Lepide Active Directory Self-Service solution can be accessed from logon screen, self-service portal, co-workers system connected to network.

A fully secure self service password reset tool with some great features which lets your help desk to spend time on more important worthwhile work:

  • End user can change / reset their password or unlock own account
  • Reminds users their password is going to expire through email, reducing the chance of a forgotten password
  • GINA/CP features makes this self-service password reset solution more user friendly, user's can directly access software functionality from the locked (CTRL+ALT+DEL) screen
  • Administartor can enroll user's in bulk through CSV files and get them notify to access complete features of self service solution i.e. reset password, account unlock and update information in active directory
  • Allows to generate customized self service and users accounts reports

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